A comprehensive Yoga course designed

exclusively for Vipassana Meditators

9 to 17 of July 2020

  This course is intended to provide those meditators interested in learning the art and science of Yoga with the principals of a safe, well informed and balanced yoga practice;

a practice they can take home and apply for the rest of their lives.

The course will take place within an environment of familiarity and camaraderie; an environment free from the rites, rituals, mantras, chantings and philosophical views that usually accompany such a study, thus providing an ideal learning stage for serious meditators who want to learn and benefit from the practice of Yoga but who, at the same time, wish to avoid such distractions. A very unique and rare opportunity, one that I would have loved to have in my many years of study and practice.

 At the time of the Buddha, the monks and nuns had no cars, no computers, no airplanes, no junk food, etc. Their way of life was naturally healthy and their bodies were well prepared for the rigours of intensive meditation. 

 The present-day meditator faces a very different situation and it is wise to adapt skillfully to the challenges of our times. A well-rounded yoga practice is, without a doubt, one of those skillful means that can support the meditator of modern times. 

Why is this course valuable to a meditator?

The purpose of Yoga is twofold:


A) Prepare and support the body for sitting meditation.

Āsana was never meant to be an end in itself. It was always meant as a support to meditative practice.


B) Foster balance in the different systems of the body (musculoskeletal, digestive, circulatory, etc.) so as to nourish our potential for optimal health.

Course content:

During our week together we will learn in detail the basic and most important postures of each of the categories of poses [standing, extensions, twists/rotations, forward folds, inversions, and restoratives] and the principles that govern their proper application, with focus on simple and yet effective sequences valuable to a mediator.


Special attention will be given to the following set of poses:


1- Foundational: The group of essential poses that prepare and set the foundation for a life-long, healthy practice.

2- Relief: Poses and practices that alleviate and relieve from the natural stress and harmful consequences of a sedentary lifestyle where sitting for long hours (in cars, planes, desks and meditation cushions) is the norm. In this context, we will place special attention to the role of Fascia and its hydration in relieving physical stress and tension. (i.e. The MELT method)

3-Restorative: Passive poses that help us restore from the strain and depletion that result from the high speed, demanding rhythm and sensory overload that characterizes modern lifestyle.

For more information regarding the course content, email us: write2karim1@gmail.com

Place: the course will be held at El Amate, a small and beautiful retreat center nestled in The Valley of Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico. El Amate offers a very pleasant and conducive atmosphere for the intended course. Students will be housed in double rooms with shared bathrooms. 


Food: During the course, we will be serving 3 delicious, homemade, healthy Mexican vegetarian meals a day plus coffee, tea, and snacks. The food is so good that even if you are not very interested in learning Yoga, it's worth coming just for the tortillas and guacamole!  

Room and board: $400 USD (includes 3 meals, 2 Cofee breaks a day and 7 nights stay at a nearby guest house) Please note that the cost of the course is solely to cover the expenses of food, lodging and other out of pocket expenses. There will be no tuition cost for the same. 

If you would like to stay at a more budget accommodation, please let us know, we´ll do what we can to assist you.


The instructor: The course will be led by Karim Chalakani. Karim has had the good fortune of studying with very bright teachers in the field. His 19 years of dedication to the study and practice of yoga prepared him well to impart this valuable knowledge, which he has found to be very beneficial, and which he wishes to share with those interested in learning.

 If the situation permits, Erika will join us to co-teaching the retreat. She is also a very experienced and talented yoga teacher.

Registration: The group size will be limited to a maximum of 20 students. 


To register and save your spot please click the icon          and fill the linked form.


or send us an email          and we will forward it by mail.

 Come join us! 

May all be happy!